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Coast Guard Drug Test

Experienced Military Defense Attorney for Drug Testing in the Coast Guard

Like all other branches of the military, the United States Coast Guard takes drug use very seriously, employing a no-tolerance policy and subjecting employees to random drug tests to ensure compliance. After failing a drug test in the U.S. Coast Guard, it’s important to have a knowledgeable and experienced military defense attorney on your side.

At The Wilkie Law Group in Jacksonville, NC, we understand the unique challenges that Coast Guard personnel may encounter when dealing with drug testing issues. We also recognize the importance of protecting your future and your career in the U.S. Coast Guard. With a focus on military law and a commitment to protecting the rights of service members, our lead attorney, Aden Wilkie, is here to provide the skilled legal representation you need.

If you’ve failed a drug test or are facing allegations of drug use, don’t wait to seek legal guidance from a military drug test attorney. Your future in the Coast Guard is worth fighting for, and we’re here to stand by your side every step of the way.

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US coast guard drug testing

Does the Coast Guard Drug Test?

Yes, the Coast Guard tests its personnel for dangerous drugs through their drug and alcohol testing program. Regular drug testing is conducted as part of the Coast Guard’s commitment to maintaining a drug-free workplace and upholding its high standards of professionalism and integrity.

These tests may be administered at various points during a Coast Guard member’s career, including prior to employment, at random, and after a marine incident. Additionally, individuals transferring into the Coast Guard may undergo drug testing as part of the enlistment process.

What Kind of Drug Test Does the Coast Guard Use?

The U.S. Coast Guard uses a 5-panel urine drug test, which can detect the presence of marijuana, cocaine, opioids, phencyclidine (PCP), or amphetamines in a person’s system. The Coast Guard follows strict protocols and standards to ensure accuracy, fairness, and confidentiality throughout the drug testing process.

USCG Drug Test Requirements

Individuals seeking employment with the Coast Guard must undergo pre-employment drug screening as part of the enlistment process. Additionally, the USCG requires drug testing for all transactions, excluding those involving increases in scope, duplicates, and International Endorsements.

Current Coast Guard members may also be subjected to random drug testing to deter drug use and promote accountability. Personnel may also be required to undergo periodic drug testing during physical examinations or as part of investigations into marine incidents.

USCG employees must choose one of three methods of drug testing: they can either provide the results of an approved drug test, a letter reporting participation in a random drug test, or a letter reporting participation in pre-employment testing.

USCG-Approved Testing

One way Coast Guard employees can fulfill their drug testing requirements is by participating in an approved drug test. To be approved, the test must be:

  • Conducted within the past 185 days
  • Sent to a SAMHSA-approved drug testing facility
  • A DOT 5-panel drug test
  • Signed by a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Negative

Employees can find the current list of SAMHSA-accredited drug testing facilities on the SAMHSA website.

Random Drug Testing Programs

USCG employees can also fulfill their drug testing responsibilities by providing proof that they participated in a random drug testing program. In order to do that, employees must provide a letter attesting to their participation in a random drug test program. The Coast Guard will only accept drug testing letters that are original, on either marine employer stationary or for Active Duty Military on command letterhead, and signed by the appropriate personnel.

If the letter is from a marine employer, it must state that the individual has complied with random testing requirements for at least 60 days of the past 185 days and has not refused a chemical test. Otherwise, the letter must state that the individual has been subjected to random testing with no positive results for the remainder of the six-month period.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Another way Coast Guard employees can meet drug testing requirements is by attesting to undergoing pre-employment drug testing. The letter must be original and:

  • Dated within the past 185 days
  • On marine employer stationary
  • State that the employee passed an approved drug test within the past six months and has not tested positive for the remainder of those six months
  • Be signed by a company official
coast guard drug testing

What Happens If You Fail a Drug Test in the Coast Guard?

If you, as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, fail a Coast Guard drug test, you must be removed from duties that directly affect the safe operation of a vessel. The same is true if you refuse a chemical test for drugs or alcohol.

After testing positive, a certified Medical Review Officer will verify the positive drug test results and investigate the situation to determine if there is any legitimate explanation for the positive results. If not, and there’s not been an administrative mix-up, the MRO will verify the test as positive.

If your test is verified as positive and you are an unlicensed mariner, a Medical Review Officer will determine whether or not your risk of subsequent drug use is low enough to justify your returning to work.

If you have a license, Certificate of Registry (COR), or Merchant Mariner’s Document (MMD), your failed test will be submitted to the Coast Guard. If you test positive for dangerous drugs, you will likely have your credentials revoked. If you test positive for alcohol, you will likely either have your credentials revoked or suspended.

From there, you may be discharged from the Coast Guard. If not, you may face civil penalties, be required to participate in a rehabilitation program, or be subject to increased random drug testing.

Do You Need an Attorney After Failing a USCG Drug Test?

Yes, if you have failed a Coast Guard drug test, hiring a military defense attorney can help protect you, your career, and your reputation from harm. Positive drug tests in the military can have a serious negative impact on your future. An attorney can provide crucial guidance and advocacy throughout the disciplinary process, ensuring that your rights are protected every step of the way.

They can also help explore all possible avenues for defense, developing an effective strategy for your specific situation. With their experience in military law and navigating the intricacies of the legal system, an attorney can help mitigate the potential consequences and work towards the best possible outcome for your case.

How Military Defense Attorney Aden Wilkie Can Help

At The Wilkie Law Group, military defense attorney Aden Wilkie and his team are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal representation for those facing challenges within the U.S. Coast Guard and other branches of the military. With years of experience and a deep understanding of military law, Aden Wilkie is well-equipped to assist Coast Guard personnel who find themselves in legal trouble, including those who have failed a drug test.

As your legal representative, Aden Wilkie will conduct a thorough review of your case, examining the circumstances surrounding the drug test and identifying any potential mitigating factors. He will work with you to develop a strategic defense tailored to your unique situation, aiming to achieve the best possible outcome.

Whether it involves challenging the validity of the drug test results, negotiating with military authorities, or advocating for alternative disciplinary measures, Aden Wilkie will vigorously defend your interests every step of the way.

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At The Wilkie Law Group, we understand how complex military drug testing procedures can be, as well as the gravity of the potential consequences of a drug test violation. If you’ve failed a U.S. Coast Guard drug test, Aden Wilkie can provide dedicated legal counsel to navigate the disciplinary process effectively. He will work tirelessly to protect your rights, advocate on your behalf, and explore all available options for defense.

Facing disciplinary action in the Coast Guard can be daunting, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. With Aden Wilkie and The Wilkie Law Group on your side, you can have confidence that you have a skilled advocate fighting for your rights and working towards a favorable resolution. 

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